Summary in English

Welcome to the homepage of Dekaler & Etsat (Decals & Etchings). We are a handful of model railroad enthusiasts who produce decals, etched material and models as part of our hobby. Over the years a fairly large number of sets have accumulated. The range of decals has lately been expanded into trucks and cars.

Hopefully the pictures and short texts will be sufficient even if you are not so familiar with Swedish.

Our decals
We offer two types of wet slide decals; screen-printed as well as digitally-printed decals.
Screen-printed decals are usually kept on stock.
Digitally printed - similar to what previously was referred to as "ALPS"-decals - are used for custom made designs and decals with a low turn-over. These are marked with a "-P" at the end of the article number. Some sets are a combination of screen- and digitally printed material.
Custom made decals are produced depending on time available. You are always welcome with an inquiry on the present situation.

How to order decals and built models
Orders are made via e-mail to ""

Delivery times and payments
Stock decals are sent as soon as possible, usually within a week. Please note that this is run as a hobby more than anything else, so delivery times can vary. Digitally printed decals are produced upon order. Normally it takes 3 weeks plus shipping time for delivery.
You will be issued a pre-invoice. The material will be sent/produced upon arrival of the payment. Payments should primary be transferred to our bank account. Payments via PayPal can be arranged upon request.

How to order drive lines, kits and etched conversion sets
Orders are made via e-mail to ""

Special terms apply re payment and shipment. Please inquire on the above adress.